What really sets Goodmallows apart are the quality ingredients.

While standard marshmallows are filled with low-grade, over-processed, artificial ingredients and preservatives, Goodmallows ingredients are straightforward and clean. Yes, Goodmallows are still an indulgence, but thanks to their quality contents, they’re a mindful indulgence.

Goodmallows ingredients

Grass Fed Bovine Gelatin

Instead of using factory-farmed gelatin from unknown animals of unknown lifestyles and fed low-grade feed and antibiotics, we use grass fed bovine gelatin. It is responsibly sourced, Kosher and free from antibiotics and hormones. It's actually considered a health product, rich in dietary collagen, and is taken by people for a variety of benefits, including skin, gut and bone health.

Not that it’s made Goodmallows into a health product, but it’s certainly a far-cry from its factory-farmed cousin.

100% Pure Canadian Honey

Marshmallows are usually made with corn syrup, but we’ve swapped out this refined sweetener for 100% Canadian honey, meaning it’s unprocessed and GMO free (and giving our Canadian beekeepers some love!).

Organic Cane Sugar

We know this is still sugar, but we’ve gone out of our way to make sure the source is organic and and less processed than its bleached, conventional counterpart.  


Every Goodmallows flavour is developed with all-natural ingredients (locally sourced wherever possible):

Organic lemon juice, organic pure cocoa powder, organic raspberries, freshly steeped Earl Grey  and Chai tea (from Abbotsford's Karla's Specialteas), organically grown Madagascar vanilla beans, organic peanut butter, local sea salt (from Vancouver Island Salt Company), pure vanilla extract, organic spices.

The colours are a direct result of these ingredients as well--no chem-lab experiments here!

And that’s it!

That’s all that’s in Goodmallows! No mysterious extra ingredients or sneaky preservatives, just the basics, so you know exactly what you’re eating, and that it's been freshly made just for you.