Goodmallows were born out of our love of the idea of marshmallows (a nice, light, versatile sweet that's way better when roasted), but frustration when they were usually:

a) super boring tasting in spite of all the colours/shapes/coatings that were thrown at them, and

b) filled with preservatives and the worst version of ingredients

We decided it was time to take back the marshmallow.

Goodmallows in a bowl

By hand-making Goodmallows with organic cane sugar, grass fed Kosher gelatin, pure Canadian honey, and flavours that came directly from real ingredients instead of a chemistry lab (real raspberries! steeped loose leaf Earl Grey tea! pure cocoa powder! vanilla beans!), we found that these squishy little vessels could actually pack a punch to the taste buds. 

They carry all the taste of a hearty dessert without weighing down the stomach, and are still as clean a marshmallow as possible (more about that in our Nutritional Info section).

Goodmallows toasted

Goodmallows are perfect for roasting, toasting, adding a little love to a hot drink, baking in cookies or cupcakes, doing their thing in a nice crunchy square, dipping in chocolate or just nibbling on at the end of a big meal. 

Locally made in Vancouver, BC, with locally sourced ingredients where possible. We've had a tonne of fun making these little marshmallows, and are extremely proud of the result. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Contact us for details on wholesale opportunities (retail or catering).

Goodmallows in coffee